How to buy good quality powder coating mailbox

Apr 11,2022

How should we choose when we want to buy powder coating mailbox? Here, we can briefly introduce some relevant knowledge points. If you are interested, you can take a look. We will mainly analyze it from five aspects. Get up and see!

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1. Check the shape rules: Check whether the horizontal and vertical hoardings are rectangular (whether other shapes are symmetrical). Some mailboxes are ok, but they are a regular rectangle. If the shape is irregular, the stress on the solder joint is not uniform, and it is likely to warp for a long time.
2. Angle stacking: The powder coating mailboxes produced by the powerful masses are generally stacked at the corners of the machine, and the appearance is standard. It can be smoothly closed with the newspaper box.
3. Look at the panel: the manufacturing process of the powder coating mailbox panel is qualified, some of the etching process is unqualified, the entire etching part is black and white, and the color is uneven. Whether other pattern lines are smooth and have burrs.
4. Look at the solder joints: The main process of making the newspaper box is that the solder joints are small, tight and beautiful. In addition, when edging and sanding, it should be flat or stacked, and it is not easy to scratch.
5. Check the box lock: whether the lock cylinder is rusted, because the box is mostly outdoors and has a long service life. If the lock cylinder is not protected against rust, it is easy to rust.
This is the introduction about how we can buy high-quality powder coating mailbox. If you have anything you need to know about it, you can pay more attention to us!