Matters needing attention in the installation of post mount mailbox

Apr 02,2022

post mount mailbox is now an item that can be seen almost everywhere in our life. In our community, office buildings, villas and other places, we will all see that in addition to satisfying people's daily essential functions, now there is an additional function that becomes a kind of decoration of buildings. People use it to receive letters, bills, etc., and it is indispensable in our lives.

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The post mount mailbox has its requirements, specifications and standards from design to production, transportation, installation, etc. Let's take a brief look at some precautions for post mount mailbox installation after production:
1. After the post mount mailbox is assembled and passed the inspection, the surface and interior of the post mount mailbox should be professionally cleaned for dust and stains, and effective protective measures should be taken to prevent scratches, dirt, deformation and damage, etc. The finished product Generally, a product certificate of conformity is required, and the external packaging should meet the needs of storage and transportation.
2. The exterior of the finished post mount mailbox should be affixed with a protective film for protection, and the inspection will not be carried out until the delivery and acceptance.
3. When sticking the protective film, foam or paper thickening pads or other reliable measures should be used to strengthen the protection at the edges and corners of the post mount mailbox.
4. When installing the post mount mailbox, the finished products such as wall paint, stone, ground stone, garage shutter doors, etc. that have been constructed should be effectively protected.
When purchasing a post mount mailbox, you should check whether the protection of the finished letter box conforms to the above specifications, which is also a necessary measure that the post mount mailbox manufacturer needs to take for products and services.