Locking mailbox manufacturers take you to understand: the features of electronic mailbox manufacturers

Jun 23,2021

Locking mailbox manufacturers tell you that smart mailboxes are the result of a significant improvement in the material performance of traditional mailboxes. Compared with traditional mailboxes, the requirements for the material and production process of mailboxes are getting higher and higher. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that with the development of society, the letter box has become an indispensable item in life. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that the letter box has gone through a development process from wooden letter box, iron letter letter box to stainless steel letter box, and then to smart letter box.

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1. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that the smart letter box uses password, IC card, fingerprint recognition and other authentication methods (customizable) to open the door to ensure the safety of the items stored in the letter box;
2. High security. The use of radio frequency card and password skills can not be deciphered. The electronic control opens and the unpacking records can be inquired. In addition, the plan is complete, and there are a variety of emergency door opening methods.
3. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that you can choose to use the red detector reminder function. The infrared detector sensor equipment in the box of the stainless steel letter box, whether there are news reports, documents and other items in the exploration box, the box door is equipped with an LED indicator light, and the light is on Indicate that there is something in the box to remind the user.
4. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that Chinese menu-style operations can be realized through the keyboard and LCD display, and there are prompts for each operation. Through the management card or the management password, the administrator can implement operations such as issuing user cards, deleting user cards, modifying the administrator password, setting the time and authority of the opening method, and setting the calendar. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that the password of the smart e-mail box can also be set by yourself. The IC or ID card can be shared with the property's access card. It is more convenient for users to use and there is no need to carry more cards with them. The display shows various operating status prompts, management settings meet various needs, UPS can be used normally within 48 hours after power failure, and there are multiple emergency door opening methods. The manufacturer of locking mailbox tells you to use a special electric lock, which has low energy consumption and is stable and reliable. The box body of the intelligent electronic letter box is made of stainless steel or colored plastic steel plate, which integrates the industrial product design into the structure and shape, which is beautiful and generous, and enhances the image of customers.