What are the advantages of smart galvanized steel mailbox

Aug 05,2021

There are traditional and smart galvanized steel mailboxes in our lives, and the more common one is the smart one. Today, I will introduce to you what are the advantages of the smart galvanized steel mailbox.

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The intelligent galvanized steel mailbox system includes multiple mailboxes, each of which includes a mailbox host, a display device, an input device, and multiple electric control boxes; a cloud processing platform that can communicate with the multiple mailboxes, couriers, and user terminals remotely; the The mail box host can send the input information obtained from the input device and the use information of the plurality of electric control boxes to the cloud processing platform, and control the opening of the plurality of electric control boxes;
The cloud processing platform can obtain the input information and the use information of the electric control box, and verify the information in the input information that needs to be verified, and if the verification is legal, it sends an unboxing instruction to the mailbox host. The intelligent mailbox system and method not only facilitate the use of couriers and save the number of galvanized steel mailboxes, increase the utilization rate of the letter box, but also increase the security of the mailbox, and facilitate the management of the entire letter box system.
These are the advantages of the intelligent galvanized steel mailbox, which brings more convenience to our use. If you need it, please contact us.