Why install cigarette butt receptacle

Apr 17,2021

In order to consolidate the achievements of creative culture, creativity, and health, many cities have solved the phenomenon of citizens throwing cigarette butts and polluting the environment from the source. They have carried out in-depth "cigarette butt receptacle" actions, and promoted the construction of cigarette butt receptacle in an orderly manner in hospitals, schools, and office buildings. Cigarette butt receptacle was selected for pilot installations around non-smoking places such as parks and parks to guide citizens to develop good hygiene habits, improve the quality of a clean and orderly urban environment in detail, and demonstrate the exquisite and civilized new look of the city.

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Cigarette butt receptacle is made of high-quality stainless steel material for outdoor or indoor smoke elimination, picture style, size, and cigarette butt collection and sanitation facilities. Although smoking is harmful to health, smoking is not recommended and even fines are required in some areas, but a small amount of smoking is taken care of for humanity. For crowds, cigarette butt receptacle is set up in specific public areas for the centralized collection of smoke elimination and cigarette butts. Rectify the uncivilized behaviors of citizens, such as casually throwing cigarette butts, which affects the appearance of the city and the appearance of the city, and integrate them to gradually improve the quality of the whole people. To reduce the cleaning difficulty of sanitation workers, and cigarette butts are flammable products, there is a safety hazard, so cigarette butt receptacle is set in outdoor crowded areas.
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Cigarette butt receptacle is called differently according to different industries and people. Some people are called cigarette butt receptacle, which is made of stainless steel. You can choose a round or rectangular shape according to customer needs. According to the outdoor use environment, you can reserve holes for expansion. Fixed, indoor placement, the base can be used as a rubber pad to protect the bottom from being scratched. There are obvious words "cigarette butt receptacle" on the outside. It consists of two parts: an ashtray and a throwing bucket. It is mainly installed in various park squares, commercial areas, main road bus stations, markets around, schools, airport stations, and other crowded places. . Therefore, in order to avoid fire hazards, it is safer and more convenient to set up a separate "cigarette butt receptacle" in a place where the flow of people is concentrated.