The role of cigarette butt receptacle in life

Apr 07,2021

Cigarette butts catch fire often, and I would like to remind everyone not to throw cigarette butts. Everyone knows that the smoke released when tobacco burns contains more than 3800 known chemical substances, most of which are harmful to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to place cigarette butt receptacle outdoors and indoors. With cigarette butt receptacle, many dangerous situations can be prevented and the environment can be improved.

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I saw a smoker go to an outdoor smoking area to smoke, and the cigarette butt and ashes were thrown in a specific cigarette butt receptacle. This behavior not only avoids the harm caused by indoor smoking to others, but also rationally disposes of cigarette butts and maintains public health. If there is no cigarette butt receptacle, there are bound to be many dangerous situations. This shows the rationality and importance of cigarette butt receptacle.
Of course, maintain public health regulations, do not smoke in indoor public places, public transportation and other non-smoking places (areas), reasonably avoid others when smoking in non-smoking places (areas), and do not litter cigarette butts. It is an obligation that every citizen should fulfill so that he can be responsible for himself and others.