Wall mounted mailbox manufacturers will take you to understand: the craftsmanship and design concept of mailbox manufacturers

Mar 19,2021

The wall mounted mailbox manufacturer tells you that when it comes to mailboxes, everyone will think that the Internet is so convenient and the mailboxes are useless, but it is true that mailboxes still have a big role. Considering the importance and safety responsibilities of some letters, many residential properties do not Reluctant to collect letters and other items for the residents in the community, so the mailbox is very important at this time, but the letter box is also easy to be damaged, so the choice will also choose some good quality mailboxes, and the same ones are better buildings. Products can be seen in the design of the community, but how can such a process go through before we can have it?

OEM wall mounted mailbox
1. The wall mounted mailbox manufacturer tells you that you need to choose some materials, choose some different materials of stainless steel, the commonly used 304# stainless steel for the front panel, 202# stainless steel for the peripheral panel, and 2B stainless steel for the inner panel and back panel. The letter box produced under this material is the stainless steel letter box in our mouth;
2. The wall mounted mailbox manufacturer tells you to use shears, bending machines and other machines to cut, fold, and polish stainless steel materials;
3. The wall mounted mailbox Chinese factory tells you that the sub-arc welder performs assembly welding;
4. The wall mounted mailbox manufacturer tells you to perform frosting, wire drawing, sandblasting, etching and other surface treatments on its surface;
5. Packaging. The wall mounted mailbox Chinese manufacturer tells you that as one of our many products, the letter box has experienced a development process from wooden letter box, iron letter letter box to stainless steel letter box produced by stainless steel manufacturers, and then to smart letter box. Wall mounted mailbox China Manufacturers have now constituted three series of products including smart letter boxes, letter milk boxes, and villa letter boxes.
As the Chinese manufacturer of wall mounted mailbox has improved people’s living standards, they have also improved their requirements in all aspects. As one of the supporting products for newly built communities and office buildings, the letter box is not only for users to accept mail and various bills. At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of commodities and the changing of appearance processing methods, people gradually tend to use it as a kind of decoration in the building while satisfying the function.
For the design, what everyone wants to know is the price of the letter box. In fact, wholesale purchase and customization are very affordable. The letter box manufacturer will also integrate many new elements into it, and bring you more choices. .