The Benefits Of A wall mounted mailbox

Mar 09,2021

Do you know? Since 1923, the U.S. Postal Service has required every family to have a mailbox or letter box? Since then, many changes have taken place in the design and size requirements of public mailboxes. People have tried fence and postal mailboxes as well as collection mailboxes. However, one of the best mailbox options available to homeowners is wall mounted mailbox.

wall mounted mailbox
The wall mounted mailbox is installed on the outside of the house, usually on the wall near the front door. Although rear-mounted mailboxes were once popular, wall-mounted mailboxes have become more and more popular due to its many advantages.
Read on to find out why you should consider wall mounted mailbox!
wall mounted mailbox provides higher security
Every day, the U.S. Postal Service sends more than 700 million mails. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that, on average, more than 10,000 people are arrested each year for mail theft or possession of stolen mail.
How can you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime in a nearby community?
An easy way is to put your mail near home... literally! Mailboxes directly anchored to your home are less risky of being stolen or destroyed.
Potential mail thieves are more likely to target easily accessible mailboxes, such as separate post office boxes or mailboxes at the end of a carriageway.
The wall mounted mailbox is very close to your home and provides higher security than ordinary mailboxes.
They make sure your email is safe, and more importantly, make sure your identity is safe!
They are more convenient
Another great advantage of wall mounted mailbox is its convenience.
Imagine being able to collect mail without leaving the comfort and privacy of the front porch.
Indeed, the ease of access provided by these mailboxes is invaluable. Because of reality, no one wants to crawl down their driveway to receive mail in the hot weather.
People with post office boxes or community collection boxes will particularly like the convenience of obtaining mail when the post box is installed directly outside the front door.
wall mounted mailbox is unique and customizable
One of the main reasons why wall mounted mailboxes are so popular is that they add a unique texture to the exterior of your house. They allow you to regain the nostalgic American town style, long before mail slots were more common.
The standard wall mounted mailbox is rectangular, but you can also get a square model. Many models have decorative shells to increase aesthetic appeal. Finally, the wall mounted mailbox has a variety of durable materials, from plastic to iron.
There are many styles to choose from, and you will surely find a model that suits your house design.
Instead of using the default mailbox that comes with the house, choose a unique mailbox that distinguishes your house from your neighbors.
If you think these benefits are good for you, please check our selection of wall mounted mailbox!
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