What are the types of cigarette ash bin?

Dec 24,2020

The cigarette ash bin is a tool for holding ash and cigarette butts, which was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the advent of paper cigarettes, ashtrays and ashtrays were produced as a result of throwing ash and cigarette butts on the ground. At first, some people called ashtrays as cigarette saucers. They were mostly made of pottery and porcelain, and some were made of glass, plastic, jade or metal.Its shape and size are not fixed, but there are obvious marks, that is, there are several slots on the ashtray, which are specially designed for placing cigarettes. In addition to its practical functions, the ashtray is also a work of art with a certain artistic appreciation value. Generally, the ashtray is mainly a container for ash, and the focus is mainly on the depth of the volume, windproof, cleaning and style. In addition to this, there are not many ashtray products with practical functions. In fact, ashtrays can keep up with the times, and lighter Modules, air purification modules, and infrared sensor modules are combined to form a new product with more functions.

Smoke-free and environmentally friendly ashtray-novel exterior design and filtered by activated carbon mesh.
Titanium ashtray-as a household commodity, titanium ashtray is smart and durable.Utilizing the characteristics of titanium, it can be cleaned at will without corrosion or rust. Titanium ashtrays show your noble taste with its high-end materials, exquisite patterns, elegant and luxurious colors, ingenious shapes and rich aesthetic collection value. Add a high-end titanium ashtray to your living space to show your nobility and elegance and add luster to your life. It is a practical and collectible high-end daily necessities.
The new ashtray-the design of the ashtray also incorporates more technological content.

Semi-automatic ashtray-utility model ashtray is a semi-automatic ashtray device composed of ashtray, cover plate and rivets.
Jade ashtray, selected natural marble, made by mechanical processing and manual fine polishing, the quality of the marble is soft, beautiful and solemn, and elegant. It can be placed in hotels, restaurants, living rooms, dressing tables, desks, desks, etc. With high appreciation value, practical value and collection value, it integrates natural beauty and artistic beauty. It is an advanced gift for relatives and friends.

Those who really pay attention to the taste of life will not be sloppy in choosing crystal ashtrays. Nowadays, the shape, color and material of ashtrays have various changes to choose from. Although the ashtrays with cast iron and alloy sets are clumsy, they are small and delicate. With nostalgia as the theme, various classical totem reliefs are carved, showing exotic characteristics. Ashtrays made of crystal, ceramics, wood and glass have broken through the usual rigid styles and have become popular. Brilliant colors, dynamic pictures, and alternative creativity in modeling make them very fashionable and popular with the public. Silica gel ashtrays have become the development direction of the new generation of ashtrays with environmentally friendly materials, high temperature resistance, shock and fall resistance, exquisite glue patterns, and strong plasticity.

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