Cigarette butt receptacle beautifies the urban environment

Apr 03,2023

Cigarette butt receptacle manufacturers tell you that with the process of urbanization, people are paying more and more attention to the environmental problems of cities. Cigarette butts have always been one of the important sources of urban pollution. What have we done on this issue?

Wholesale cigarette butt receptacle factory
Recently, the urban area will add cigarette butt receptacle in some public places, and these boxes will be placed in places with a large flow of people, such as commercial plazas, stadiums, stations, etc. These brand-new cigarette butt receptacle, using photocatalyst materials and air purification technology, can fully purify the toxic substances in the air and play a certain role in pollution prevention and control.
In addition, the design of cigarette butt receptacle is also very elegant. The box fully considers the habit and psychology of users when throwing cigarette butts, and is equipped with sufficient openings and hooks for controlling cigarette butts, which not only facilitates users to put in garbage, but also avoids the situation of cigarette butts being scattered and thrown around. The ultra-convenient design and use method make citizens no longer need to worry about the difficulty of throwing cigarette butts, and truly achieve both environmental protection and convenience.
The cigarette butt receptacle will be placed on display starting today and the public can find them where there are reference signs. The urban environmental protection department calls on citizens to participate in environmental protection, beautify the urban environment, and create a better living environment.