How to deal with and clean the galvanized steel mailbox

Mar 10,2023

In newly-built high-rise buildings, galvanized steel mailboxes are generally located near the exit of the corridor floor, and the stainless steel mailboxes are generally 12cm, which is convenient for residents to receive mail and newspapers in time. Because most of the stainless steel boxes are in the living area, this also brings some troubles. Not long ago, some customers called and said that some naughty children like to draw pictures on the stainless steel boxes with watercolor pens, painting the whole row of boxes "without faults". Later, I wiped the watercolor handwriting with water, but it couldn't be wiped clean, which was very distressing. In fact, it is very simple to remove the watercolor handwriting of the galvanized steel mailbox.

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1. Use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and wipe gently. Alcohol is a flammable liquid. Pay attention to fire prevention when wiping.
2. Wipe with an ordinary eraser, this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requires patience.
In fact, there are various electroplating methods for newspaper box electroplating itself, and various electrophoretic coatings for newspaper box electroplating methods. When spraying plastics, it is also necessary to consider what to spray, and the paint also depends on the process and the type of paint, so corrosion resistance and cost cannot be simple For comparison, look at specific industries. Take the anticorrosion of galvanized steel mailbox as an example. Generally speaking, it is overall phosphating, then electrophoresis, then paint, and then sealing glaze. Simple galvanizing in the case of wheel plating costs pennies, so a direct comparison is not possible and depends on the specific application. The editor briefly describes the characteristics of each processing method.
If you spray paint the plastic in the report box, frankly, it's electrostatic spraying. Generally, it is sprayed. Is paint, in fact, liquid plastic? To a large extent, it involves the paint baking. It can use passivation phosphating process or electrophoresis. The casing of digital products is widely used.
If you have to compare your personal point of view, electroplating adopts general procedures, single electroplating, electroplating, corrosion-resistant electrophoresis, and spraying plastic, because most electroplating only electroplates a layer of metal on the metal surface, and it will corrode sooner or later. Electrophoresis, spraying plastic, and paint are the insulating coatings on the surface. Layer, plastic is more corrosion-resistant than metal, and the other three are not easy to compare. Normal corrosion resistance should be a general requirement. The cost is generally the opposite, and electroplating can be very cheap.
The seam when the laminates of the newspaper box are overlapped should be at the partition (not visible to the naked eye), the edges of the door panels should be neat, and the four corners of the door panels should be lightly ground to ensure that no cutting is the standard; the electronic panel must be vertical and fastened without any damage. Loose and other obstacles.
The manufacturer of the galvanized steel mailbox tells you that the wall-mounted newspaper box should reserve the space required for the installation of the newspaper box in the wall, and there should be a gap greater than or equal to 2mm between the box body and the surrounding walls. The gap between the outer frame of the box and the wall should be fully filled with filling materials, and the outer joints should be sealed.
The galvanized steel mailbox manufacturer tells you that the use function of a good newspaper box is also well formulated in accordance with international standards. It can be used for a long time and used in an open-air environment. It still looks brand new and can still be used.