May International Labour Day

Apr 26,2020

The executive yuan of the Central People's Government of China decided in December 1949 to make May 1 Labor Day.

After 1989, the State Council basically commended the national model workers and advanced workers every five years, about 3000 people each time.

On the eve of the May 1st movement in 1921, Deng Zhongxia, a member of the Communist group in Beijing, founded the Changxindian labor school,

The workers learned to sing the May Day Memorial.

This magnificent and powerful song was created by the teachers of Changxindian labor practice school and the progressive students of Peking University.

Although the struggle was suppressed on May 1, 1886, the continuous struggle of the working class of various countries has finally won the "eight hour working system" and "May 1 Labor Day".

This festival will always be accompanied by workers all over the world, and become the protection of workers' rights and interests. Through struggle, labourers have strived for their legitimate rights and interests in the spirit of tenacity, bravery and unyielding struggle,

It is the historical progress of human civilization and democracy.