Locking mailbox manufacturers will show you: the main craftsmanship of making letter boxes

Jul 08,2021

The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you the main process of making mailboxes. Good solder joints are small and tight, strong and beautiful. In addition, the edges and polished areas should be smooth or folded back to prevent scratches. The locking mailbox manufacturer tells you whether the lock cylinder has rust protection, because most of the mailboxes are outdoors and will be used for many years. If the lock cylinder does not have rust protection, it is easy to rust. The manufacturer of the Locking mailbox tells you whether the horizontal and vertical enclosures are rectangular (other shapes are symmetrical). Some letter boxes are generally okay, but a closer look is not a regular rectangle at all.

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Locking mailbox manufacturers tell you that if the shape is irregular, the solder joints will receive uneven force, and the possibility of warping over time is high. The folding of the corners is an important part of the letter box process. The Locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that the letter boxes produced by our company are generally professional machine corners, beautiful and standardized, and cooperate with the letter and newspaper cabinets, and the extraction is very smooth. Whether the manufacturing process of the panel has passed the test, some etching techniques are not in place, the entire etched part is black and white, and the color is uneven. Whether the remaining pattern lines are smooth and whether there are burrs.
The Locking mailbox manufacturer tells you that if it is silk screen coloring, it depends on the coloring effect, whether it is easy to fall off, and whether there are scratches on the entire panel. If you take it freely, combined with the location of the existing district letter boxes, you can add several cabinets of different sizes at the bottom or on the side. These cabinets use advanced Internet of Things technology to achieve random use by the owner, the Locking mailbox manufacturer told Your courier delivers the courier or letter to the cabinet for storage, and the recipient will receive a dynamic text message containing the unboxing password. With the password, the package can be opened and picked up at any convenient time.