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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: GH-3329S12U2A
    • Commodity ID: 1202383734120796160

    Product features:

    1. Material: this postbox is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable.

    2. Safety: the postbox stands on the bottom plate 

    3. Convenience: there’s a clear viewing window that makes it easy to see if you have letters. It has wide opening, no sharp edges, and is suitable for your family letters and newspapers.

    4. Quick and easy installation: lightweight and wall-mounted, including hardware. The small box comes with typical installation hardware, including 4 mounting screws, 4 rubber pads, and 4 expansion plastic tubes.

    5. Big-volume postbox: this lockable postbox is big enough to hold all kinds of letters, scattered items, envelopes, paperwork, newspapers and magazines.


    product information:

    1) Specifications (L x D x H): 862*205*1238mm

    2) Material: 201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel plate + galvanized plate + spray painting

    3) Material thickness:

    Mailbox 0.8mm,

    Pole 38*38 square tube, cross bar 25*25 square tube, bottom plate 3.5mm

    4) Net weight: postbox: 4.2*2=8.8kg, pole 7.15kg

    5) Gross weight: 18.08kg / set

    6) postbox inner packaging: 340W*500H*140Dmm

    7) postbox outer packaging: 355L*530H*300Dmm (2pcs)

    8) Pole inside packaging:

    9) Pole outer packaging: 175L*1230H*130D

    10) Accessories: 3 keys, 4 installation screws and 8 sets of expansion screws

    11) Volume per set: 0.11

    12) Twenty-foot container can accommodate: 350pcs


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